Fit3™ Products


Fit3 is a fun fitness and weight loss program that delivers real results. The best part is that it was designed for real people who live in the real world… a world where cake is still served at birthday parties! Your Fit3 journey starts with a 90-day program developed by Reliv — the industry leader in advanced nutrition!

  1. Nutritional supplements to fuel your fitness and promote a healthy weight.
  2. Nutritional coaching developed by experts that will help you eat smart while still enjoying the foods you like.
  3. Exercise coaching and workout videos for every fitness level that will help you reach and maintain your goals. You can do these workouts at home or take them with you on the go.

Start your journey to a ‘more fit you’ with Fit3 and create healthy habits – and RESULTS – that you can maintain for life!

Join Fit3 – see and feel the difference!